Something to think about- July 12, 2013

I came across a disturbing pattern that those in distressed marriages take without a conscious knowledge. I had to think on my previous marriage and realized that I had unconscionably done this thing myself.

A couple that I know who’s marriage has been on the verge of ending recently purchased TWO brand new cars. Another who deals with infidelity and trust issues purchased new cell phones and a truck recently. Yet another couple who is also dealing with infidelity, trust, AND financial oppression purchased new phones for themselves AND their children.

The assessment is that when one is at a point of great unhappiness and tribulation within a marriage, the desire to seek relief outside of the marriage becomes stronger in the form of materialistic gain. We all seek happiness within chaos, yet in this case, create further calamity within the relationship because wherever the problem began, it is now increased by unnecessary and unhealthy financial strain. Even if the couple can afford to make foolish purchases in order to unsuccessfully fill the gaps in their marriage, there is no real breakthrough made, nor is the healing of the marriage actualized.It’s like putting a Band-Aid on your hand when the cut is clearly on your leg.

Sounds familiar? It does to me.


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