Something to think about- May 2, 2013

friendsFaceBook has greatly exploited the term ‘friend‘. In this age, this term which at a time established an intimate and long lasting connection between two people is now nothing but a mouse press. There are many of us that have hundreds of profiles listed as ‘friends‘, yet MAY actually know less than 10% of those listed, and I’m being VERY generous with the percentage.

One of the definitions of ‘friend‘ that I believe the FaceBook development team used at the beginning is ‘a member of the same nation, party, etc….’ The definition that I THOUGHT represented friend is ‘a person attached to another by personal feelings, affections, or regard.’ It has even been defined in the verb sense as ‘to add (a person) to one’s list of contacts on a social-networking Web site:’.

There are those of us who still follow the precept that a friend is someone who through trial, time, ups and downs, laughter, arguments, agreements, disagreements, respect, love and trust earns the title in our lives.

What scares me is that the new generations that are growing up in the social media era will think that all it takes to be a ‘friend’ is a mouse click, modified pictures, posted lies about ones ‘status’, murdered English, OMG’s LOL’s’ LMS’s, ‘I LIKE JESUS‘ postings and virtual ‘LIKES‘ about various subjects.

Its just amazing to me what people will accept in order to be accepted.


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