Prayer in dire need

I am sure that I am not the only one to post this, yet I feel it needs revisiting. it is becoming more known that educational officials are considering allowing certain faculty to carry guns into the facilties and classrooms of our children.

Prayer, a powerful tool for our youth to practice and learn of its importance in their lives was first stripped. Then, the Enemy began to inject a replacement by causing havoc in the schools which then lead to a decision that has the potential to cause more harm than good. Protection is a factor, yet this has nowhere to go but down.

Have they really thought it through? They say they haven’t released the names of the people who will be carrying the concealed weapons, but that won’t last long. Nothing that man thinks or does lasts long, so the Enemy will make sure the people know.

The possibilties of destruction are endless. Another example of trying to solve a problem without God. I have NO FAITH in man’s ability, so stay tuned…

(Proverbs ch. 16:vss. 25-32)

God, for the sake of the innocent… take the cup from the hands of the people who would fill it with the poison of the Enemy and try to force others to drink of it with false promises and even more false outcomes. Our needs are many… Amen.


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