Twelve days to Glory… My last journey with Momma

She left me in God's hands.

She left me in God’s hands.

If you don’t mind, I am going to take you on a journey that happens some five years ago. This was the beginning of what I call the twelve days that I will never forget. It was at the time when momma was on her way to glory, and I was fortunate enough to walk with her to the end.

I say fortunate because many that I know lost their loved ones suddenly or had no real chance to say goodbye, so even though it almost killed me emotionally at the time, it made me stronger in the end because it made me turn to God for everything.

Okay… Friday, March 7, 2008: I meet with the doctors at Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital to discuss the fate of momma. They confirm with me that she has had her fourth stroke and the cancer has spread throughout her body. They are unable to do anything more for her but provide comfort through the pain that her body is obviously enduring because of the cancer ravaging her, so we decide that she will stay with me for her last days. Now, my aunt is very much worried about my ability to take care of her because she has been in hospice and knows the difficulty, but even though I am full of trepidation, I love her more than my fears.

We then are contacted by hospice care, who schedule to meet us at my home to prepare the room for her arrival on Saturday.

To be continued….


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