Aside: Another reason to pray without ceasing.

Enough is enough

If we ever needed the Lord before…

Saturday night, my oldest son went to a birthday party at a club that caters different events. now, he has been here a few times, and they have not given me any REAL reasons to feel caution… until now.

When I send my son out into the world, I pray for his safety, and the safety of those around him. I try not to just include my loved ones in prayer, but all of God’s sons and daughters within my words, and this night was no different, yet the Enemy still tried to destroy the lives of others. My son calls me frantic after only a couple of hours at the party and told me that someone got shot. After he assured me that he was okay, I told him to wait in relatively safe place, got in the car and rushed to him, praying that there was not more bloodshed to follow. I get to him and he tells me the story:

There are teens that live in specific areas within East St. Louis and a neighboring town called Washington Park who decided to come to the party. Once they got there, they began to fight, because they have issues with each other living in certain areas within the city… yes, block wars. So then, the fight was resolved and everyone goes back to the party. Some time after, a person gets past security with a weapon and shoots. The person hits an innocent teenage girl in the stomach. Once I arrived, the cops had flooded the scene and she was being taken away via ambulance. Thank God that she was released soon after without great complications.

This was over something that none of the foolish people involved in this ‘war over turf’ can ever own. The land that they live on was there before them, and will be there long after them. This was something that was done back when I was in high school and even before that… it has yet to bode well for anyone involved, NOR has anyone been able to truly claim a THING from it. All that has came from it is death and incarceration… nothing more.

Now we have a teenage lady dealing with being punished for just being in the line of fire. She now is emotionally and physically scarred, not to MENTION the tragedy that has befallen her parents when they were informed their baby was shot. The person who performed the shooting is now looking at an assault with a deadly weapon charge and the club owner is liable to be closed down AND possibly sued by the parents of the teenage girl because this happened INSIDE his or her establishment. So what came from this block war foolishness????? Who won? Who was victorious????

Even though I thank God that my baby was not harmed, I still grieved for the parents of that teenage child. I even feel sorrow and disappointment in the teens that helped unfold this result because they have nothing to look forward to but the grave or the cage is they stay on this path.

Beloved readers, the need for prayer is at a ALL TIME HIGH! I ask you to continue to pray for peace for our children…


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