Protecting the irrelevant.


For all our spiritual vices, God has the key to our freedom.

I was watching the movie called Mad Money, with Queen Latifa and Ted Danson. It’s the one about three women stealing money from a bank vault that was supposed to be like a fortress.

It got me to thinking about how much effort and energy man has placed behind protecting something that he can never truly end the end, own. He develops technology, implements various forms of securities and even instructs other men in the art of using deadly tactics to thwart another persons ability to take a dollar from his safes, vaults or any other money housing institutions. many have been killed and/or imprisoned for the rest of their lives because of ‘money madness‘, and as we see in the news everyday, the financial insanity is on the steady increase.

I have heard people say that ‘money‘ is the root of all evil, but money is not what causes the evil; it is our love, desire and ultimate dependence upon it. The book of 1st Timothy, chapter 6, verse 10 tells us that ‘The love of money is the root of all evil; while some covet (or chase) after, there is an error in their faith by which many sorrows follow’.

The physical currency has no power, yet what it represents is what controls us. We are all subject to this error; as long as we CHOOSE to live in what is deemed a ‘civilized nation‘. We pass this insanity to our children and the cycle continues, as we further dig the hole deeper. It is, to me, another resource of the Enemy to ensure our destruction, and we just help it all along.

The desire for money has been the driving force behind man’s history long before the Master, Jesus and continues to bind us in all that we do. Can we come from under the weight of our voluntary confinement? Only with God.


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