Life is NOT on your computer- Inspiration for the day

A cross

Through Christ we succeed.

All of you, my beloved readers are either seeing this on your computer or tablet or smartphone. What is amazing about this is how companies who sell products and services that focus on antivirus software and backing up to the ‘cloud’ have made statements to the affect that they help protect the LIFE that is supposedly stored on your computer; photos, music, documents, etc…  LIFE?
Now don’t get me wrong in thinking that I am saying that those items do not hold a sense of importance to us; forgive my ignorance, but Jesus declared that He came so that we could have LIFE more abundantly… Just saying that I don’t think the latest iTunes song, cloud backup, Instagram concoction, nor spreadsheet saved was or is ever to this day considered a part of that promise.

(John ch.10:v.10)


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