The goodness of God dwells in the darkness

Many people, especially on the social networks, are greatly inspired to express how good God in the times of ‘the feast’ in their lives. And while this is great to do and can be inspirational to others, I wanted to take a moment to list moments when God is good when the flame in our life has blown out and darkness has suddenly fallen.

God is still good, even when,

  • We are financially destitute.
  • Our health is failing.
  • Our friends have betrayed and forsaken us.
  • Our spouse has oppressed our home.
  • We have experienced sudden and painful loss of a deeply loved individual.
  • We are in jeopardy of losing our home.
  • We are in jeopardy of losing our job.
  • We have lost our home.
  • We have lost our job.
  • Hatred has turned our family against us.
  • We feel we have failed.
  • We feel we have prayed in circles.
  • Our faith is exceedingly challenged.
  • We face incarceration.
  • We sit alone in our horrors.
  • Our doubts are many and our trusts are few.
  • The Enemy does everything to prove that God has forgotten about us.
  • It seems like there is nothing left to pray for.

There is always God, even after everything and everyone else has passed away. ‘Jesus; yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews ch.13:v.8


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