The illusion of alone: Inspiration of the day.

A cross

Through Christ we succeed.

For those of you who are struggling with feeling abandoned, friendless, detached,  desolate, deserted, forsaken, widowed, unmarried, unloved, and just all by yourself in your pain and sorrows; NEVER forget…

When family and friends turn their back, or your spouse says tells you that he or she wants to walk away and leave you stranded… when your children are old enough to walk out the door, and push you further out of their lives… when death takes the ones that you loved and depended on to be there for you forever… when your health is failing and you can’t find one person to assist in your healing… when you come home to an empty house and sleep in an empty bed, eat at a empty table, and the Enemy continuously tries each day to convince you that no one is left and no one cares…

Know that this is all a facade. You are NEVER alone. This is a reminder to you that lonely is but an illusion and a trick of the Enemy to knock you off your square… rejoice that God’s Word has NEVER and will NEVER returns void in your life. (Hebrews ch.13:v.5)


One thought on “The illusion of alone: Inspiration of the day.

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