The inner light

I was recently hit with an epiphany as I drive on the highway early in the morning. I happen to notice that there are so many lights EVERYWHERE; way more than there have ever been in my life. Lights flood the highways, the roads, between buildings, on buildings and homes; they are in every nook and cranny and man has placed a whole lot of time, money and other resources into the task of keeping the darkness away.

We seek to fill the world outside of ourselves with as much artificial light as possible, yet the inner darkness that fills our minds and hearts with corruption, and our actions with destruction are left unchecked. We sit in darkness where the Enemy resides within ourselves everyday; this is apparent with the death and destructive actions of man each day. We try to counteract with man-like solutions, as we ignore Christ who is the Light of the World (New Testament, Book of John chapter 8: Verse 12) which is our BEST chance at dispelling the inner darkness within us. So why do we fight the outer light and ignore the real danger of the inner dark? One simple answer lies in the sacrificing of what it RIGHT for what is QUICK AND EASY.

Which one can be supposedly ‘resolved’ the easiest? Seeking The light of Christ can be a troublesome quest, yet its rewarded with an inner light that can NEVER be extinguished. The artificial light of man is forever finite, and even has the potential of a burn-out at anytime; yet, so many seek this light because having faith in a faithless being is the fad of the flesh nowadays. It does nothing but prolong the inevitable and allows the Enemy to hide in the shadows of thought and action. Man uses the artificial light to, ironically, keep an eye on himself.

The light of Christ not only expels the darkness, but it also cleanses the inner man, thus allowing the fruits of the Spirit to dwell peacefully within us. We are filled with love, our faith is increased, peace can abide, and our relationship with Christ shines through.


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