Poetry Time! Where’s the ‘good’ in this?

Vs. Where are the breakthrough’s promised, the morning joy, the renewing of strength? Where is my path being directed, when I acknowledge Spirit in all my coming and goings, only to see the lonely highway paved for miles of my life covered in brick and stone that tear up my feet?

You see,  my car ran out of gas a long time ago, and the radio only plays the same white noise and faint sounds of me crying in the background because I am weak as water and drying up from the blazing sun beating down upon my head, neck shoulders knees and toes. Each time I try and sit up, I am reminded that my chair is broken and splintered from bad news, bad choices and even worse results.

I am looked at as a vagrant of the human network; the ‘sin’ that little kids are warned about during bed time and told that if they aren’t good as gold, then the Devil will tarnish them with fire, brimstone and eternal suffering, yet they forgot to mention that ‘hell’ ain’t just a place, but a state of mind, and with that I stand in the fire of regret and unfulfilled wishes that I could get the Devil out of my dwelling place before he eats me out of house and home and and takes a crap full of confusion, chaos, suffering,  and old pieces of corn on the cob all over my nice rickety floors.

My blood is thickened with bad cholesterol and un-chewed faith which strangles my heart and tells my mind that I am not worthy of the mansion that Christ promised for God did not forgive my faults and supplied the rope necessary to hang me over the pit of despair that continues to singe my ankles and burn my inner self, so I cry out, WHERE IS THE GOOD IN THIS, LORD?


2 thoughts on “Poetry Time! Where’s the ‘good’ in this?

    • Thank you for the encouragement. It was a place where I used to be in my thinking. Being very discouraged about my life and its destination. Right now, I still deal with trials and tribulations, yet I try to handle only what I can handle and leave the rest to God, which means that God is handling EVERYTHING. God bless.

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