The consuming mind state, part three; arrogance

Arrogance Picture

Arrogance: diseased confidence.

I have found that there are different levels of ignorance in the world. Many are obvious, while others plant themselves deep into the shadows. Arrogance is NOT one that hides, but it wants to be known, and projects itself in any way and every way it can.

The definition of arrogance is and ATTITUDE of SUPERIORITY manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptive ASSUMPTIONS. (The key word in this is ASSUMPTIONS). It is an assumed level of greatness, usually brought on by the most minuscule event or situation.

In the New Testament, the book of Galatians, chapter six, verse three declares that ‘when a man thinks he is SOMETHING when he is NOTHING, that man deceives himself”. It can viewed also as when a man thinks he is something MORE than he is, when he is NOTHING more than WHO he is, he falls into deception; so IF  pride comes BEFORE the fall, then arrogance IS the FALL.

I found that arrogance is when confidence suffers severe infection; it is easy to fall into arrogance, especially when your assurance in yourself is skewed. Now, don’t get me wrong, when I accomplish a task, it does bring up my assurance in myself, or when my son gets good grades in school, or when my wife is rewarded at her job for excellent service, I feel a sense of assurance in them and what they have accomplished in their lives, but since there is NOTHING new under the sun, I also know that they aren’t the only ones in the world that have made this achievement, nor am I.

Lets look at some truths… (keep in mind that I am not talking about anyone in particular; I am only talking about what I am talking about) for those that are suffering from a twisted sense of arrogance in themselves OR in someone else (because we sometimes like to live through the accomplishments of others), you are NOT the only one that:

  • Has a child who made the honor roll this year.
  • Has a child in a professional sport.
  • Has a child who has created something beneficial for the world.
  • Has a celebrity in the family.
  • IS a celebrity.
  • Got a promotion on your job.
  • Has money in the bank.
  • Has that amount of money in the bank.
  • Has purchased an expensive car recently.
  • Has purchased an expensive house recently.
  • Has rich parents or siblings.
  • Is rich.
  • Is well known in the community.
  • Has a attractive spouse/fiance/lover.
  • Has been told that you are attractive by more than two people in your life.
  • Knows how to make love.
  • Has a big penis or breasts.
  • Has been lied to about having the best sex in the world.
  • Knows how to make money.
  • Knows the President of the United States.
  • Met the President of the United States.
  • Is a president/vice president/CEO/COO/CIO etc. of a company.
  • Held a public office seat.
  • Is a prominent figure in the church.
  • Tithed that much recently.
  • Is the choir director or key member of the choir.
  • Can play a musical instrument in the church.
  • Knows scripture (memorization not application).
  • Can pray.
  • Knows how to sing.
  • Has a family member that knows how to sing.
  • Knows how to rap.
  • Knows how to make/write/produce music.
  • Can lift that much weight.
  • Can run that far.
  • Can jump that high.
  • Can fight.
  • Can shoot a gun.
  • Lost that much weight.
  • Saved someone’s life.

Now, these examples may be out of place, but I was writing as they came to me. These are but a few that I figured would get my point across. Like before, just talking about what I am talking about, so if ANY of these are YOU, it was not my intent to focus on you, so don’t get mad at me if  I happened to pull your card; I pulled mine too. I may add more if they come to me, so check back for more.

God bless.


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