The consuming mind states- Part one, hatred.

Take a moment to think about how fire works; there are three elements that MUST be present in order for fire to manifest: heat, oxygen and fuel. Without any one of the items, fire can NOT be produced. Yet with the creation of fire, it can either provide a source of comfort and even life, or it can destroy all in its path. It has the ability to POSITIVELY and NEGATIVELY affect a persons life, so it presents a sense of balance.

With the subject of consuming mind states, hatred, which I believe to be the most extreme of the different states of mind, like fire does require certain elements to be triggered. In contrast, the elements (mis-communication, jealousy, tragedy, dis-agreements, confusion, prejudice, and abuse for example) are not needed in conjunction for hatred to be ignited. Any one of the aforementioned can create a mind state of hatred within a person. Also, once hatred is ignited, the mind state has NO real positive effect; it only consumes and destroys everything it touches. Now hate can SOMETIMES hurt the hated with a violent or malicious act, yet hate ALWAYS hurts the hater. He or she will become engulfed in the hatred, as it requires major amounts of thought and energy to survive, never giving anything back but more hatred to feed. Hatred can also cause mental and physical ailments that can, in time, completely consume what I deem as the ‘Willing Victim’.

Let’s look at a fictional character called ‘The Blob’. I remember the first movie that was made about this alien from another planet, who was found by a farmer on his land. Once it latched on to the farmer, it began to feed off the farmer, until it fully absorbed him. From there, its appetite turned to any and everyone in the town, eventually absorbing hundreds of people increasing in size and ferocity as the movie went on. The people soon defeated it, but not without massive loss of life and resources. Hatred, unlike the blob, is not alien, but a native mind state that like the blob, latches on to the person who triggers it and soon absorbs them. Then it attempts to absorb everyone else it comes in contact with and leaves a wake of destruction in families, businesses, and in the community as a whole.

It is Love’s total opposite, yet with love, peace, understanding, communication, forgiveness, and especially prayer, hate can be frozen in it tracks, just like the blob. Avoid the blob of hate in your life, and remember… God bless.


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