Being married or getting married, part two: the living entity

As stated in part one, marriage is a great commitment that focuses beyond the ceremony, reception and parties before and afterwards. The concept that is BEING married is found in the Word of God, yet I believe has been lost in the translation. What people fail to see is that marriage, like themselves is a LIVING ENTITY.

Marriage begins within each individual, first as a thought, then as an action. It manifests itself like a newborn child and as it grows has to be treated as one would treat a baby. It has needs, requirements and as it grows, the needs change, yet its inception began when both decided to become one. People neglet the timing of marriage and therefore neglet the crying child in the corner. They don’t feed nor nurture the marriagel, rarely acknowledging its existence until there is an audience; that is because we are not taught what sanctity of marriage actually entails. The marriage soon begans to starve, and long before infidelity, opression, domestic violence, or any form of cancerous infection to the marriage becomes apparent. Once it dies, and that LONG before legality begins to set in, the resurrection becomes that much more difficult. Not impossible mind you, for with God, all things are possible, but difficult. The infections that have seeped in sit deep within the body of marriage, and have eaten away trust, honesty, fidelity, and most importantly LOVE. It becomes a shell, and the soul of marriage becomes lost. One thing to also mention is in contrast to physical growth, marriage does not become self sufficient. It is constanly in need of care and nurturing even at 50 years old.

Now, the GET married folks are the 50+% and with each generation, the percentage rate will increase, unless people are informed of the contrasts between the two. Marriage is alive. This must be understood by both individuals before the birthing begins. If the couple start to think about the concept, I believe that counseling should occur at the acceptance level. When both have agreed to become one in the realm of marriage, these aspects would aid in their decision and if they are not ready to give birth, then they have the option to wait until they are ready. A newborn baby is exciting, but once the excitment is over, are you truly ready for parenthood?



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