Something is coming…

Back in March of this year, the so-called ‘civilized world’ witnessed a man cannibalize another man on the freeway. The man who was eating was a black man, who they say was high on drugs as he committed the atrocious act upon the other man.

His action caused his death in the end and no one will ever really know what was going on in his mind nor what truly pushed him over the edge. I have a theory…

His act may have been physically influenced by high doses of narcotics, yet what pushed him to desire human flesh? What led him to de-evolve back further into his beast nature? And most importantly, why do people still think that the warning of God’s Word that we are at war with Higher Spirits are just some tall tale?

Many of us who have witnessed God’s Word manifest know that the Enemy has a great plan for the undoing of the whole world. Each tragedy like this one is another move towards the destruction of man, and what’s really scary about this is that we are helping it along!

Our disbelief in God and our distorted thinking that the Devil doesn’t exist as well allows us to be pawns in our own downfall because since we don’t believe that there IS a war, then we don’t seek ways to counteract the Enemy’s assault. Our lack of a mass relationship with God causes a great and detrimental weakness in our spiritual armor that we all possess, yet refuse to acknowledge.

our desire to be controller’s of our own fate and destiny is what contributes to the demise of man morally, spiritually and physically. Our arrogance of superiority through science and innovation gives the Enemy all that it needs to completely disrupt the very fiber of our being, thus creating a certainty of annihilation of what is deemed, ‘mankind‘.

We as a people believe in nothing but what consistently fools our senses and better judgment. This is a great weakness that man has developed ever since the beginning. Since the essence of God is beyond the basic senses and understanding of man, man begins to convince itself that the possibility of a “all mighty deity” is impossible to fathom because of the illusion of free will and the influence of the Enemy in our lives.

We confuse God with ourselves and the limited emotional states that we enter into each day. We see the devil as some sort of action figure that exists in movies and folklore. Yet, the existence of both has proven true each day.


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