BluNote in brief…

BluNoteTM focuses on how the artist presents him or herself within the music and ministry of the music. Many artists are compelled to place themselves at the forefront of the music project, whether it be Hip-Hop, R&B, Country, Jazz, Blues, etc… While this method is acceptable within most of the genres, Gospel and Christian based genres are supposed to be unique and separate from this practice seeing that the actual song and/or message is not directly focused on the artist and who the artist happens to be.

The problem comes when the Gospel/Christian/Spiritual artist becomes the center focus of the music produced. When the people come to see the artist, not to hear the message, per se, there becomes a sense of confusion. The BluNote concept sees to remedy this by emphasizing the spiritual message within the music while the artist sinks into the background. This assists in the listeners focus on what is being said and who is TRULY saying it, not the one being used to relay the message to them.
-Less me, More God.


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